Eco Refill Fluid 20L
• Water based liquid with advanced surfactants resulting in excellent degreasing • Anti-corrosion agent added to solution to protect steel parts • Due to natural evaporation and splashes, expect to lose 8-10L per month from tank
Sold Out
Eco Parts Washer 40L
• Premium non-solvent mobile cleaning unit • Using a proprietary natural bioremediation process, easily breaks down the heaviest of grime in seconds • Totally natural and safe for user, no hazmat labels in sight • Heats to an optimal temperature...
Pressure Washer Bike Bundle
• Bundle includes qty 1 of the following: • Pressure Washer with all lances • Storage bag • Snow Foam Lance • Nano-Tech Bike Cleaner, 1L (900933-02) • Nano-Tech Cleaner Concentrate, 1L (901007-02) • Bike Protect, 500ml (901684-01) • Drivetrain...
Eco Power Tabs
• Used with the Eco Parts Wash in an Eco Parts Washer, to extend the effectiveness and lifetime of the Eco Parts Wash • To maintain efficient bioremediation, 1 tab should be added every 5 weeks on average
Eco Filter
• Replacement filter for the 40L Eco Parts Washer

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