MSW AC-100 Alloy - Black
MSW AC-1000 alloy water bottle cages have a classic look and shape at an easy to afford price point. Features Constructed using a 6mm aluminum rod Embossed MSW logo Matte black version is anodized
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MSW Pork Chop Light Duty Rear Rack - Black
The MSW Pork Chop Lite is an inexpensive rack for light-duty commuting with rigorous safety testing and features typically found on much more expensive racks. Details W-bend stays keep pannier hooks in place Holds up to 40lbs of cargo Rear...
MSW Presta Valve to Schrader Valve Adapter - Black
Converts Presta valves for use with Schraeder-compatible inflation devices. Machined aluminum is lighter than brass alternatives Rubber O-ring provides a secure seal to prevent air leakage
MSW SBG-300 Tool Hugger Seat Wrap, Black - Black
Carry just the essential roadside/trailside tools with the MSW Tool Hugger. Sleeves are designed to fit tire levers, CO2, inflator, patch kit, multi-tool and a tube. Works well with standard saddle rails, or just toss it into a jersey pocket....
MSW Threaded CO2 Cartridge 20g - Black
Everything you need from a CO2 cartridge is delivered in spades from the fine folks at MSW. Keep one or two of these handy on your adventures and pick up a few extra PSI when needed. Sold individually.

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