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Revel RW30 29" I9 Hydra Wheelset

Revel Bikes
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Revel's RW30 wheels represent a new era of carbon fiber wheels that are lighter and stronger than traditional carbon wheels with the extra benefit of being 100% recyclable. These new Revel hoops are among our most recommended carbon mountain bike wheelsets, weighing in at only 1840g with a 29mm internal width and I9's Hydra hubs.


  • FusionFiberTM for Superior Strength to Weight Ratio
  • 29mm Internal Width Ideal for 2.3-2.6" Tires
  • Built on Industry Nine's High-Performance Hubs
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • FusionFiberTM rims are 100% Recyclable

Revel's RW30 and RW27 rims are constructed using the new FusionFiberTM technology that eliminates the brittle and environmentally harmful epoxy of traditional carbon construction that delivers significantly lower weight per strength and a nice damped feel on the trail.

On the trail over rocks and impacts, the unique FusionFiberTM thermoplastic flexes in a smaller region than traditional thermoset carbon wheels adding to stability while offering impressive vertical compliance, increased durability, and a quiet ride simply not found on other carbon rims.

This version of the RW30 is laced to Industry Nine's venerable Hydra Boost hubs with 690 points of instantaneous engagement with 32 Sapim D Light spokes, Sapim brass nipples, and ship with tubeless tape and valves installed.

FusionFiberTMThermoset vs. Thermoplastic

Traditional carbon wheels and components utilize a thermoset construction that involves laying up carbon fibers in a mold, adding a two-stage epoxy, and then curing the part through heat. Thermoset carbon has a finite shelf life and typically must be kept at refrigerated temperatures before the lay-up, epoxy, and curing process.

Revel's FusionFiberTM leverages a new thermoplastic construction that utilizes similar materials to thermoset carbon, but instead, the unidirectional carbon is turned into a thermoplastic by using a polymer matrix that acts as a glue to hold the material together. Differing advanced polymer recipes can be used depending on the application, and the result is less brittle, more ductile, and more flexible than thermoset epoxies. The material can then be melted back down into a liquid state and essentially reformed into new shapes and products.

The FusionFiber construction process is robotically controlled to be more accurate and efficient than the traditional thermoset manual process. This means fewer chemicals, no material waste, and a more precise rim that requires no sanding, clear coat, or paint to finish.

Backed by a Lifetime Warranty and made in America at CCS Composite's aerospace facility in Gunnison, Utah, Revel wheels are the brainchild of Joe Stanish (formerly of ENVE) and Revel Bike's founder Adam Miller.

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Wheel Size 29"
Rim Material FusionFiberTM
Rim Width 29mm Internal
Weight 1840g
Front Hub 15x110 Boost I9 Hydra 32H
Rear Hub 12x148 Boost I9 Hydra 32H
Brake Compatibility 6-Bolt Disc
Recommended Use Trail, Enduro, Downhill
Warranty Lifetime

Revel's FusionFiberTM rims are backed by a lifetime warranty and crash replacement policy. Should you manage to break a rim, Revel will replace or repair your rim at no charge and send you a loaner set of wheels if needed to keep you on the trail. Revel's warranty is so complete they even cover shipping both ways.

Revel engineered the RW30 and RW27 rims to be superior in strength to all other carbon rims on the market, but if you run low tire pressures, smack a sharp rock, and luck isn't on your side, a rim crack can still happen. Fusion-FiberTM's ability to contain a failure in a small area on the rim and not permeate a larger crack is high, and you'll have a better chance of keeping your tire on the rim and inflated if something does go wrong.

Revel removes the vinyl decals from damaged rims and drops them into a chipper, chopping the rims into small blocks about an inch square. Those chips are then melted down into a block of material that can be turned into another part. Revel started with a pretty big pile of rims from the development process that has already been recycled and turned into other parts. Combined with their partners at CCS Composites, Revel is dedicated to perfecting the recycling process, and the sky is the limit to what can be made.

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